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Redline Selvage Denim Hunting Vest

Redline Selvage Denim Hunting Vest

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Special fabric make your denim unique and stand out.

Size Chart:

Size(cm) Bust(cm) Length(cm)
Shoulder Width(cm)
M 98 58 36
L 102 59 37
XL 106 60 38
2XL 110 61 39
3XL 114 62 40

Model: 175cm/70ks, wearing L for top, W30 for pants

Material: 13oz red line selvage denim fabric weaved by red edge antique loom

  • Slim Fit

When designing this fabric, we originally  wanted to make a red line denim fabric with a polka dot effect. Later, after several trying, we found there is a "wrong version" which is some like of shape of a love heart. So this fabric was designed by mistakes, and later turned to be the shape of love. Not obvious enough originally, we then adjusted the yarn and weaving for times, we finally got the results we determined. In general, this fabric is very special, with the classic sense of polka dot fabrics and also has the details of the shape of the love heart.

The design of the armhole makes it more conformable to our body. The design of the shoulder position makes us more comfortable to wear, and will not make the shoulders feel tired. The front and back panels have undergone constant proofing and modification to perfectly bring out the body shape that a man should have. The Paris buckle designed on the back provides very good convenience for people with different needs.

What's Selvege Denim

Selvedge denim uses old-fashioned weaving techniques. Most authentically woven on old looms. Selvedge looms were popular in denim weaving until the mid-to-late 1900’s.

The older selvedge looms were slower and the production was less consistent. But the use of the older loom technology creates variations on the denim surface due to inconsistencies in the weaving process. But it’s these variations that make the denim visually unique and desirable to denim aficionados.

Denim mills that have chosen to produce selvedge know and value the history of denim. As a result, they choose to make a superior and heritage-inspired product. Yarn quality, dyeing techniques, quality control, and design, each become an artisan endeavor. Since selvedge fabrics have finished edges, the edges will not unravel and can be used as a finished seam, making the garment look more refined, as below shows.

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