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Reversible Multi-Fun Bucket Hat

Reversible Multi-Fun Bucket Hat

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One size fits all
Height: 24 cm
Head circumference: 59-64 cm
Around the brim: 86 cm
String length: 110 cm


Introducing a bucket hat for both hats and wallets with reversible specifications!
A bucket hat is a hat that literally looks like a bucket. It looks like a bucket turned upside down, and when viewed from the side, it looks like a trapezoidal cylindrical top with a brim. It is a simple item for men and women of all ages.
This item has a reversible design that can be used according to the mood of khaki and black. In addition, a functional bucket hat with an adjustable strap that can be tightened into a simple wallet shape. It is easy to use daily and expands the range of dressing. The simple design makes it easy to use. It's so compact that you can carry it in your pocket or backpack when you don't need it. Recommended for both men and women, this bucket hat allows you to easily add trend elements to your outfit.
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