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Vintage Newsboys Cap

Vintage Newsboys Cap

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Brim 7 cm, head circumference 59-61 cm
Manual measurement, so it may exist 0.5-1 cm measurement errors


-A concealed buckle is arranged between the hat tongue and the hat body
-Elastic band
The newsboy cap gets its name from its wide popularity among newsboys or "newsies". While it is thought of as a boy's cap, this style was worn by men of all ages during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were extremely popular among the working class however they were not strictly limited to them and could in fact be seen worn by people of all walks of life. The upper class typically wore them for leisure activities such as golf and driving, while the working class adopted the hats for everyday wear. It is traditionally a 6 or 8 paneled cap with a front peak. The front peak occasionally has a snap front. The shape varies from slim fitting to the wide, exaggerated shape sometimes referred to as the applejack style cap. This style has many different names including the Gatsby cap, poor boy cap, paperboy cap, and many others depending on region. Newsboy caps are most often made from wool and leather for the cold weather and lighter materials such as linen and cotton for the summer weather.

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