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Retro Stand Collar Padded A1 Bomber Jacket

Retro Stand Collar Padded A1 Bomber Jacket

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Size(cm) Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 63 124 46.5 64
M 65 128 48 65
L 67 132 49.5 66
XL 69 136 51 67
2XL 71 140 52.5 68


The popular autumn / winter item "Bomber Jacket" is now available.
The A-1 (flight jacket) is a summer flight jacket that has been under development since 1923 and was adopted as the first flight suit of the United States Army Air Corps in 1927. Like cars, airplanes have to sit in the narrow cockpit, so a waist-length and short-length blouson-type jacket was needed. Since then, it has become the prototype of many flight jackets such as the successor M-2 developed in 1931 and the world-famous MA-1, and it is a memorial first place that opened up a new era. By the way, "A-1" is a name that means the model "A" that was first adopted and the prototype model "Type 1".

A bomber jacket is one of the flight jackets. Bomber means "bomber" and refers to a leather jumper worn by US bomber crew members during World War II.

This time, an improved batting type bomber jacket with the design source of A-1, which can be called the original among flight jackets. Made of exquisitely glossy polyester fabric, it has a masculine toughness and excellent durability. For the A-1, which was born in an era when zippers were not yet commonplace, the sturdy buttons were the main characters. The windproof sleeve ribs are also the basic design. This item follows the button type and sleeve ribs, but the three-dimensional silhouette and short length make it look nice and long. It has a simple and classic design, so you can easily combine it with a shirt or heat-retaining T-shirt and use it from autumn to winter. The coordination with corduroy pants is perfect for autumn / winter accents.

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