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Washed Denim Stitching Fleece Suspender Hoodie

Washed Denim Stitching Fleece Suspender Hoodie

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Size Chart:

Size(cm) Length Shoulder Bust
M 70 Raglan Sleeves 112
L 72 Raglan Sleeves 116
XL 74 Raglan Sleeves 120


Model A: height:182 cm;    weight: 60 kg     Trial Size: L Fit

Material: 100% Cotton

The hoodie is perfectly matched with denim stitching, and it is matched with a camisole to create a special feeling. Practicality is indispensable for the front pocket, and the shape is also very youthful.
The sling button is for decoration, but the front button can be opened and adjusted when putting it on or taking it off.
As there are stripes on both sides of the sleeves, the overall outline is graceful, and the three-dimensional effect is improved. The damaged cuff holes also pay attention to personality and street feeling.
The heavyweight 100% cotton material and mini fleece fabric have excellent warmth retention, so they are perfect for your skin.

About washing
1. When hand wash, do not soak in water for a long time. If you use a washing machine, please use the net. Wash with water below 40 degrees.
2. Do not bleach. When washing, the color may fade slightly, so please do not wash with white or light-colored items.
3. Rinse thoroughly after washing. If detergent remains, it may discolor or fade.
4. Avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade. Hang it up.

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