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Craftsmen-made Biker Leather Boots

Craftsmen-made Biker Leather Boots

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Size Chart:

Size 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
Foots Length(mm) 240 245 250 255 260 265 270 275

Heel height: low heel (1-3 cm)
Round head boot tube height: short tube (tube height 10-20 cm)


Inner material of the upper: first layer of pigskin
Upper material: first layer cowhide 
Leather material process: Rub- off finish

Description of item
The old industry is a niche culture, through a kind of artistic processing, restore the connotation of the vicissitudes of life, We have studied many similar styles of this boot, and then develop and repair the last shape.
The most difficult part is the color rubbing-off process used in the shoes. Rub off leather or antique leather is usually dyed in a brighter colour by hand or machine, and a darker colour is swabbed over it, which produces its characteristic two-tone. These leathers are also called antique finish leather. The lighter colour at the bottom shines through the applied darker colour and gives the leather a characteristic patina.
Pigment preparation is more difficult, and the feeling of rubbing depends on the level. The effect of the antique look can be controlled through the thickness of the darker shade on the lighter shade.

It is precisely because the production process takes a long time and must be made purely by hand, this discourages many shoemakers who want rapid mass production.
The finished product colored in ancient ways, the light and shade change, and the colors are layered. This requires craftsmen to manually rub colors from different angles and strengths hundreds of times. Every time a color, we have to wait until It is air-dried naturally before the next round of rubbing. Repeat this way, until the color presented is as bright and beautiful as lacquerware.

Our boots are made using this technique, the toe cap is round and has a strong sense of industrial metal. Craftsmen make them by hand from scratch, so each pair has a different appearance.

【please note】

* Cleaning rub off’s needs to be approached with caution due to the very thin coating it has, it's advised that in most cases a damp cloth will remove most soiling along with a mild soap solution, the aniline cleaner or the luxury leather cleaner called purity will be perfect for these types of finishes.
* Rub off leathers surfaces are very fragile and requires a great deal of care and can be removed easily, so always keep the rub off leather protected at all times with the leather protection cream.

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