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Men's Thicken Henry Collar Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Men's Thicken Henry Collar Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Size Chart(cm):

Size(cm) Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Length
S 62 46*2 41 58.5
M 64 48.5*2 42.5 60
L 66 51*2 44 61.5
XL 68 53.5*2 45.5 63
2XL 70 56*2 47 64.5

Fabric100%Cotton, double yarn

• Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

The plain-colored Henry-neck T-shirt is a classic symbol of American retro culture, a style that anyone can control, it's worth trying.
It is made from 100% cotton double yarns, which are finer than high-count yarns, but nevertheless have a more generous feel than woolen yarns, is Close-fitting feel soft and comfortable.
It should not be loose, since the old Henry collar was used as a close-fitting primer. During the period, it has been modified many times to get the current shape, and it is also tailored to fit. The upper body effect is straight and neat, without too much redundancy. With tightened threaded cuffs, it can be used for keeping warm in autumn and winter. You can wear it or base it as you like.

What is double yarn? It means that two strands of yarn are twisted together for weaving, and ordinary fabrics are single-strand yarns, so the double yarn has a full mechanism structure, showing a solid texture, a compact feel, and a weight of 230 grams. Generally, the fabrics used in ordinary men's T-shirts are mostly between 160-180 grams, and very few are more than 200 grams. The T-shirt made of double yarn is durable, not easy to deform, and can be used for many years.

Custom-woven thread cuffs, cotton material, does not rely on stretch yarn to tighten, and is completely contracted by its own texture
Classical weave, strong sense of VINTAGE

21s double-yarn twisted encrypted cotton cloth, 275g weight

An M size T-shirt reaches 314g approximately

The navy color is sold out, pls ref for the details display

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