Collection: The Pandemic MA-1!

First of all, as a theory, I will briefly explain what kind of jacket the MA-1 is. It started when it was adopted by the United States Air Force in the early 1950s as a successor model to the flight jacket B-15, which was born in 1944. It is worn at temperatures between 20 ° C and -10 ° C, called the "intermediate zone," and is basically sage green, which is a dull green. Another feature is that the back body is set short so that the fabric will not get caught when sitting on the seat of an airplane. In addition, the original MA-1 uses an orange color with high visibility for the lining, but this is a specification assuming a crash or escape. Wearing it inside out will help increase the discovery rate of rescue units.

Here in Asia, it has been used as casual wear since the 1980s, and since then it has continued to reign as an immovable classic outerwear. It goes without saying that the versatility is high, but there is also the problem that it is easy to mass-produce the clothes because they are standard clothes that can be worn. Although it is an item with a good sense of stability that makes you feel comfortable no matter how you wear it.

The MA-1 has the impression that it is a tough item with military roots, but now it has gained citizenship as a staple of the wardrobe.