Collection: The Classic is Now-Oil and Wax clothing

This kind of clothes originated in Britain was actually used on the canvas of sails. This fabric was used on canvas, but it had unexpected effects. Because of the work at sea, it was often wet by rain and mist. For the clothes, the crew also used this waxed canvas to make a piece of clothing, which is waterproof and windproof. Since then, the oil wax jacket is out of control!

The waxed jacket was taken to the shore. Except for the Orion and the gold digger who needed it, it gradually became a street fashion. It was most popular with the motorcade at that time. It was waterproof and windproof, and the upper body was absolutely tough. It was the favorite of those cool and handsome locomotive parties at the time.
The oil wax jacket will be harder to wear in the initial stage. As the body temperature heats up, gradually tame it will show the most suitable version! It's like a wild horse, it doesn't want to be ridden on it, but as long as you tame it, it will become your horse, and the wax jacket will become a battle that you can deal with in various situations. Clothes!