Collection: Never-falling classic-Navajo style

The Navajo tribe is an Indian tribe indigenous to the southwestern part of the United States. It is always an indispensable element for American vintage style. Native Americans are said to have crossed the Bering Strait, which was continuous during the Ice Age, and came to the Americas from Siberia, and the Navajos are said to have settled in the southwestern United States in the 14th and 15th centuries. At first, it was a farming people who grew corn and so on, but when they came into contact with the Spaniards who had destroyed the Aztec kingdom and moved north, they got horses and sheep, and the sheep were also used as food and the yarn was used for "Navajo weaving". Is still being used as a craft. The wool used for Navajo weaving has a beautiful luster and is used for textiles, thick sweaters, etc., and is woven using our own loom. Each pattern is meaningful and very expensive.

One of the traditional Navajo crafts, "Navajo Weaving," is an indicator of the culture nurtured by their 300-year-old ancestors, many of which are abstract and have a very decorative effect.