Collection: WABASH

What is WABASH, the coolest fabric? Recommended for American casual!

Wabash has been known as a work item since the early 20th century. Wabash was a laborious process called the "discharge printing method," in which the indigo fabric was dyed by removing the color. The stripes of white dots on indigo blue are beautiful to look at, and one theory is that it was created in the image of the flow of the Wabash River in Indiana, USA. The fabric called Wabash Stripe is said to have been first developed by Steiffel, which no longer exists. However, it is not suitable for mass production and is famous as a phantom fabric that disappears after the 1970s. Therefore, shirts, bottoms, coveralls, etc. using vintage Wabash stripes are traded at high prices.

The secret of its popularity is the discharge printing method, so each dot is slightly different, and because it is dyed with indigo blue, you can enjoy aging and discoloration just like jeans. One of the attractions is the rustic feel of the Wabash stripes in the beautiful stripes. Many jeans makers are now developing Wabash Stripe products.

Recent replica makers (such as Real McCoy's Toyo Enterprise's SUGAR CANE) have a high degree of perfection and re-products, so the purchase itself is not difficult. It is difficult to buy with brands such as fast fashion. Because it takes time and effort to make the wabash itself, it is a fabric that has disappeared due to the fact that it costs money to reproduce. Therefore, I think it is difficult to achieve high cost at low price.

However, this brand (styretro) was able to reduce costs by building a factory overseas. Now customers can spend less money to buy the same high quality WABASH fabric products.