Collection: 2022 How to Match Camouflage Clothing

The history of the interconnected relationship between military camouflage and fashion is perpetual. Season after season it floods runways and fills closets, but why? Maybe because the first creators of camouflage were artists and designers. Maybe because we love the ease and functionality of tactical clothing. Or maybe we just like to feel in charge. Whatever the reason, tactical clothing has been a long been a fascination in the fashion industry.

As early as 1943, Vogue magazine picked up on the field trends and incorporated it into the fashion world. It basically just explained what military camouflage was to Vogue readers and its main function. It wasn’t until 1971 when the next article came and featured a trend collage on camo with images of girls dressed in the tactical gear. The camo craze really exploded in the 1980s, when hunters and civilians started sporting all types of green, tan, and brown apparel. 

Today, camouflage clothing is available in all shapes, colors, and styles—on everything from lingerie to shoes.

But How to match them is a question?

First, Camouflage clothing can match with American Casual Style

Second, Camouflage clothing can match with Denim Style

Finally, Camouflage clothing with Black T-shirts stands for mature.